Proposals for improvements and additions to a semi-detached dwelling situated at in Avenue Road within the Westerford Heritage Protection Overlay Zone.

The property has been Graded IIIC and has been much altered over time and hence the Heritage Statement concluded that the relative significance of this resource resides not in its authenticity, but in its architectural scale and proportion and its contextual significance. Consideration was been given therefore to the impact changes may have on the streetscape of Avenue Road.

The two neighbouring semi’s were similarly altered at the same time and as such, these two dwellings, as heritage resources, contribute significance to the environs in the context of the direct neighbourhood and streetscape.

Certain interventions presented herein illustrate improvements to the existing dwelling to the rear the property. The non-original cottage pane side windows of the dwelling were replaced. In addition, changes to the existing long and low lean-to roof facing in the rear courtyard of the dwelling were implemented to gain ceiling height and light penetration by means of the introduction of a clerestory window above a new sliding folding north facing door. These changes to the existing roof structure provided an effective heightening of the ceiling space and increase the natural light ingress.

The proposed boundary treatment and enclosure of the property by means of columns, railings with a vehicular access gate is in keeping with current trends for off-site parking and increased security in the neighbourhood and in Avenue Road.
Minimal material impact on the contextual significance of this resource ensured that new work did not impact negatively on the environs and the context of the direct neighbourhood or the streetscape.

The design of the boundary wall follows the CoCT Boundary Walls and Fences Policy document of 2009 as well as the CoCT Guidelines for Boundary Enclosures in Heritage Areas and to Historic Buildings. The new built form does not negatively impact on the Avenue Road streetscape and the proposed built form in the northern courtyard emulates existing roof-scape. None of existing trees on The Property or the street frontage are affected.

The registered Conservation Heritage Body for the Avenue Rd area is the Newlands Residents Association and comment has been obtained from them as well as from all neighbouring property owners. No negative comment was submitted.