A registered Professional Architect and Professional Heritage Practitioner, I have experience in a diverse range and scale of Heritage and Architectural work – a mix of Residential, Commercial and Retail.

My practice provides hands on involvement in all stages of Heritage and/or Architectural work on special projects for a variety of discerning clients.

Small special and unique projects for interesting clients started the practice. Over the years the projects as well as our client base have grown in variety and size. However the small projects remain close to our hearts and still retain great importance to us.

I specialise in providing the following solutions when these are required by the National Heritage Resources Act and have been involved in a number of successful interventions requiring Heritage approval from Heritage Western Cape and the City of Cape Town

  • Heritage Western Cape Applications
  • Section 34 Applications (Buildings older than 60 years)
  • Section 38 (Heritage Impact Assessments)
  • Built Environment Assessments and Grading
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Heritage Reports
  • Historical-Architectural Research
  • Heritage Inventories

I offer a personal approach, customized to the context and requirements of the client.
Each project is uniquely tailor-made, a pragmatic solution, realistically linked to an agreed budget and a creative realization of the brief.

Collaborative relationships with associated professionals, consultants and contractors enable us to orchestrate a complete solution to your project brief.

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